Club Racing Rules, Licensing & Forms

Overview of PCA Club Racing Rules

Club Racing has classes for every type of Porsche. To be eligible, a car must have a Porsche chassis and drivetrain.  There are two types of classes: 

  • Stock (street cars with minimal modifications, all allowable modifications are carefully defined in the Rule Book)
  • Modified

Stock classes are formed from similar factory power to weight ratios, and cars must have complete road trim, stock drive trains, street tires, etc. Modified classes are defined by engine size, and are further split by street tires or race tires. 

Safety equipment requirements include: 

  • Roll bar or roll cage meeting the minimum specs for the specific class
  • 5- or 6-point harness with proper seat
  • fire extinguisher
  • window net
  • external cut-off switch (can be installed internally, with an external pull wire)

Driver equipment includes helmet, suit, shoes, gloves, etc. The Club Racing Rule Book contains all specifications for safety equipment.



Interested in participating or would you like to know more about the sport?

Any PCA member may apply for a Club Racing license if they meet the criteria set forth in the PCA Licensing Procedure (contained in the Rule Book).


  • Either an existing, active competition license from a recognized wheel-to-wheel racing organization outside of PCA;
  • Or, the member must meet the race track driving experience requirements as defined in the licensing procedures in the Club Racing Rule Book.
  • A current physical exam certification is required.
Click here for the steps to obtain a PCA Club Racing License.  



All Club Racing forms are available in PDF format.



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